Christmas at Disneyland Paris 2016 | Day 4

Oh hey there Disney series that I abandoned randomly a couple of months ago!

I thought it was about time I picked this series back up, as I have so much more travel related content I want to share with you over the coming months (Not just Disney related too!), but I couldn't move on to new content without seeing my Christmas Disney series through to the end!

So here we are, on day four of our trip, and this is the day we dedicated to Hollywood Studios!

Now, I thought this was the first time I ever stepped foot into Hollywood studios, but in actual fact I think I might have come to Hollywood Studios when I came on my school trip too.  The memories are vague, but I remember a "Honey I Shrunk The Audience" 4D Cinema experience that must have been in Hollywood Studios.

However, remembering literally nothing else about this park, it felt like I was stepping foot into for the first time, and I knew this park would be much more up Spencer's street too.  Being a little more focused around the animation, as well as having awesome areas like Toy Story Land and the French area for Ratatouille, this definitely had something for both of us.

Walking into the entrance of Hollywood Studios there was Mickey and Minnie to our left meeting and greeting in all of their Christmas attire, with the Earful Tower in the background; a sight I had been looking forward to seeing for a long time, and the incredible Fantasia themed statues in front of us.  Fantasia always reminds me of my childhood.  I watched it on repeat time and time again, but don't ever remember watching the entire thing in one sitting.  I don't actually know how long Fantasia is, but baby Siobhan clearly thought it was all a bit too much to consume in one (To be fair, that demon thing at the end is bloody terrifying too!).

I skipped the Mickey and Minnie meet and greet and headed straight for some photos in front of the statues before heading into the park itself.  Under the circumstances I still wasn't up to playing along with the characters, but I definitely know that the next time I visit I want to meet some of my favourite characters, including the main mouse himself!

Walking into the park we were greeted by Walt and Mickey.  I love this statue so much.  It's a sight I've wanted to see with my own eyes for a long time.  I know I know, technically I already have when I was 14 years old, but I don't think 14 year old Siobhan appreciated it quite as much!  She was just excited to be in a theme park on her own with her school friends!

I was most excited about going to see Mickey and the Magician this day, but it was a good few hours before it would be on, and there was plenty more of the park to explore.  We started off on the Studio Tram Tour, as with Extra Magic Hours, we pretty much walked straight on the tram.  I loved this little tour, and even though I'd seen it on goodness knows how many vlogs, I was still terrified when the truck rolled down the hill and set on fire!  You can really feel the heat!

Next we queued up for what has become my favourite ride in both of the Disney Parks in Paris.  Tower of Terror!  I have such a good story of this ride for the day of my birthday when we went on it again, but you'll have to wait until next week for that one!  This was my first time ever going on the ride though, and I had the most fun on it.  It takes a lot to make me scream, and I mean a lot, but every time this ride chucked us down I let out a little scream, then laughed at how ridiculous I sounded.  You get the most weird feeling in your stomach when you're being thrown up and down on this ride, but I absolutely loved it, and the views when the windows opened up at the top of the ride were just insane!

My second favourite ride has to be Crush's Coaster.  We almost didn't go on it because the wait time was around 45 minutes, but we went for it in the end, and in fact we only waited around 30 minutes and it was so worth the wait!  The noises coming out of Spencer when the ride really set off had me in absolute stitches!

We were getting closer to seeing Mickey and the Magician, but still had a little time to go on Rock 'n' Roller Coaster and head into Toy Story Land for a bit, where we went on the RC Racer ride and the Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop.  Unfortunately the Slinky ride was down when we were there, but hopefully we'll get an opportunity to go on it again in the future.

After playing with Andy's toys for a little while it was time to head over and see Mickey and the Magician, and oh my goodness this was the highlight of my day!  Spencer slept through the entire thing (I wish I was joking!) whilst I sat and watched in awe at the most beautifully put together show.  All the classics were in there, and it was like I got a sneak peek at what the Lion King musical is like!  I'm definitely hoping I get the opportunity to see it again in the future before it finishes completely.

When the show finished it was time to head back to the Disney Park for our reservation at The Blue Lagoon; the Pirates of the Caribbean themed restaurant (Which I believe has now been renamed Captain Jack's).  I was so excited about trying this restaurant out after seeing it in so many vlogs.  In terms of setting and food, it didn't disappoint!  The restaurant is located right next to the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, so you actually get to see people go past on the ride whilst you eat your food.  The ceiling is completely blacked out, and it's really heated, so even in the middle of November you feel like you've been transported to the Caribbean on a warm summer's evening.

The food was incredible too; the only downside was the service we received from the first waiter serving us.  Spencer obviously highlighted that he was dairy intolerant so asked what alternatives they had, and the waiter basically had the attitude of 'there's nothing he can do and tough luck', which you know, when we were paying as much as we were to be there, it kind of sucked to be given that attitude, and obviously under the circumstances, I was not in the mood for bad attitude for a member of staff who just couldn't be bothered quite frankly.  However, another waiter came over shortly afterwards and stayed with Spencer for a while figuring out alternatives that he could have.  A few moments later and Spencer was able to have a three course meal as we had paid for just like me.  Thank goodness for that lovely waiter who came to our rescue and salvaged our evening!

My only regret of the day was not getting fast track tickets for the Ratatouille ride.  My logic was that we could go on it the day after as we had reservations for Chez Remy, which is right next to it.  What I didn't take into consideration was that they may not have the fast track on when we were there (Which was the case!) and there was no way I was waiting in a 90 minute queue, so I'm yet to go on the Ratatouille ride!

After our meal we decided to get a fairly early night back at the hotel.  We were full, pretty exhausted from another early day, and we wanted to get plenty of rest so we felt ready for a day celebrating my birthday (As much as we could in the wake of my Mum's passing that is) the day after.

I loved Hollywood Studios, but feel like there's so much I left undiscovered, so I can't wait to explore a little more on my next visit!

If you enjoyed this post, make sure you catch up on days 1, 2 and 3!


  1. I went to DLP for the first time ever a month ago and I loved loved LOVED Mickey & The Magician - mum and I were astounded by it! I thought the Genie was especially good but I don't know if the cast was the same when you went of course. So sad you didn't get to go on Slinky, I loved that ride!

    Paris x

  2. I went to DLP for the first time ever a month ago and I loved loved LOVED Mickey & The Magician - mum and I were astounded by it! I thought the Genie was especially good but I don't know if the cast was the same when you went of course. So sad you didn't get to go on Slinky, I loved that ride!

    Paris x

    1. I've just come back from another trip to DLP and we went to see Mickey and the Magician again! I don't even think I can pick my favourite part, it's just so well put together! We got to go on the Slinky ride this time too! x


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