Overcoming Gym Fear

I've only been going to the gym for just over a year now, so I know full well that gym fear is real, and it stops many of us making that step to get to the gym and work our little butts off!

In fact, the whole reason I'd never stepped foot in a gym (Apart from the six week gym experience we got at school as an alternative to PE lessons!) before last year was because of this fear.  I suffer with Anxiety; as in, I'm diagnosed with it by the doctor.  My anxiety makes me jump to the worst case scenario in every situation I encounter prior to me actually encountering it.  Most of the time I can beat it because deep down I always know that no matter what my head is telling me, it will never be as bad as I envisage; however, sometimes it beats me, and the gym fear was one of the things that beat me, up until last year.

I realised I needed to make lifestyle changes, and one of the areas I knew I needed to work on was my health.  As much as I tried to work out at home, it's never something I've really succeeded at.  My home is my place to relax, so I just was never really cool with working out in my living room, so I knew my only other option was to finally face my fear and join the gym.

The joining the gym part was easy.  Getting to the gym was a whole other story!  It took me another week from joining before I actually stepped through the doors for the first time.  I knew that I would need an induction before getting stuck in, and that thought absolutely terrified me.  In my head the personal trainers would all be buff, beautiful people (Which in fairness, at my gym they actually are!), and I was convinced they were going to take one look at me and either a.) laugh, or b.) tell me I had no hope and refuse to show me around.  Of course, neither of those outcomes came into fruition, and instead they were incredibly supportive and really helpful.

So this experience doesn't have to be as scary as it seems at the moment.  Today I want to share some tips with you on how you can make this experience a little easier so you can take that big step and beat that gym fear...

Find a gym buddy

Luckily I had Spencer by my side who decided to sign up at the same time as me, and it made all the difference.  Although I feel much more comfortable going to the gym solo now, we still often go together, and it's much nicer having some moral support by your side.  

If it wasn't for Spencer being by my side that first day I probably would have never stepped through the door and would still be a gym virgin today.  I needed some real encouragement (And a bit of tough love!) to get me through those doors on that first day, but once I made that first step, I'd done the hardest part.  Every visit from that point became easier and easier, until it felt like second nature to me.

Even further down the line I think it's still good to have a gym buddy though.  You can be accountable for one another, and encourage one another to get your bum down to the gym when the other is being exceptionally lazy (Usually me!).  Having a gym buddy is amazing, so if you can find one, take advantage of the opportunity and pair up!

Do that induction

One of my fears about going to the gym was not knowing how to use any of the equipment and making a fool out of myself as a result.  As scary as it seems at the time (Trust me, I know how scary it is from experience!), get yourself booked on to an induction.  As intimidating as the PT's seem, they're there to help, support and encourage you to work towards a healthier you, and first and foremost their main concern is your safety.

As terrified as I was arriving on my first day and going for my induction, I actually finished my induction feeling the complete opposite to what I expected to feel.  I felt at ease; like I had a bit more of an idea of what the hell I was doing!

Once you've taken part in your induction (Which will probably only take a maximum of 30 minutes out of your day) you will have access to so many machines, which will mean you can really utilise the gym to it's full potential.

Wear something comfortable

The last thing you want to do when you head to the gym for the first time is wear something that you then feel the entire time feeling self-conscious in.  Whatever you do, please make sure you pick something you feel completely comfortable in!

JD Williams has a huge selection of women sports wear, including collections for plus size women too, which is perfect being a plus size woman myself.

I chose the Adidas Tri-Blend Leggings*, which are hands down the comfiest gym leggings I've ever owned, and the Ellesse Mistico Sweater*.  The sweater I don't have to wear too often to the gym, but on really cold days I will take it along with me.  The great thing about the sweater though is even at times when I'm not wearing it to the gym, I love it enough to wear day-to-day as well.

In this outfit I feel completely at ease to just get to the gym and get on with it, and on days where it's a little warmer (Like this time of year!), I'll just throw on a fairly loose fitting t-shirt instead.

Keep a look out on JD Williams throughout the year too, as at certain points they have really amazing discounts.  For example when I picked up the Ellesse sweater, it was on sale for £10.00!

In the end all it took for me was to just take that giant step through the doors of the gym for me to realise that actually, it's a pretty safe place for me to be, and nobody gives a damn about me or what I look like, because they're too focused on what they're doing and what they look like.  So take a deep breath, and beat that gym fear. Trust me, if I can do it, anybody can!

*The items from JD Williams were gifted to me for consideration of review.  All opinions are my own


  1. You should be super proud of yourself!! It's such a big step that you've done and you can look back and be happy that you've achieved it x

    Abi | abistreetx

    1. Thank you so much! It feels great knowing I conquered a fear that has no hold over me anymore! x

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