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For those of you that have chosen to stick around after all of the changes happening on That's What She Writes of late (And to those of you that HAVE put up with my indecisiveness - I thank you!), and also follow me on my social media channels should know by now that last Saturday I went along to the #BlogAtTheBeach conference in Leeds with Icelolly.com.

Things had been feeling stale on here for a while.  I'd totally lost my blogging mojo for a long time after losing my Mum, and I took quite a long break from the internet as a whole.  Then my love for writing came back with a bang and I got typing away again, but I was feeling uninspired with the content I was creating.  I felt like what I was creating had been done a million times over.  I know with how saturated the blogosphere is now that it's impossible to be totally original.  There are bloggers now that literally cover every topic you can think of.  However, we can always put our own spin on content, and that's what I feel like I was lacking.

Then #BlogAtTheBeach came along, and honestly, I came away feeling the most inspired I have in a long time!  It made me think about my approach to blogging in a whole different light, and I came away with a clearer understanding of the direction I would like to take my blog in.  As a result, I have taken down all of my previous content and put it into my drafts folder for the time being.  I will be reviewing them all and over time, will be refreshing, reworking and re-uploading the content that I feel will fit with this new direction I would like to take my blog in, so please bear with me in the mean time whilst I work on this.

As I'm kind of starting a fresh on here, I thought I would put together a 'get to know me' style post, where I have mainly used the questions Blognix have used to interview fellow bloggers in the past.  I feel like in the past I've shared some of my deepest thoughts on here, but very rarely do people get to see the more light hearted side of me.  Enjoy!

Name: Siobhan Emma Salter

Location: Sheffield, born and bred!

When did I start blogging? Around 2011, after I graduated University.  However, obviously not on this blog!  I've had a number of blogs throughout the years.  Ones focused purely on food, ones focused purely on beauty, you name it, I've tried to create a blog purely focused around that specific topic.  Over the years I've grown and come to realise that pigeon-holing myself just doesn't work for me, which is when That's What She Writes was born in early 2016.

What's the meaning behind the blog name? With a name like 'That's What She Writes' I think it's obvious that there is nothing deep and meaningful behind it.  In fact I actually wanted to call my blog 'That's What She Said', but unfortunately that one was already taken.  I don't know if that phrase is purely a Northern thing or if it's country wide, but it's actually a phrase used to often make something intended to be an innocent comment come across as much more crude!  I wanted a light hearted name that would leave me open to write about any subject I would like, and I thought this phrase also had a great connection to blogging too, so instead I adapted the name to something not already taken and much more connected to blogging!

What inspired me to start blogging?  Writing has always been my passion.  I've never felt like I'm particularly brilliant at much, but I've always had faith in my writing skills.  I'm not sure if writing a book is something I want to do (Although not something I would dismiss altogether!), so apart from writing personal diaries I never felt like I had a creative outlet for my love for writing.  Somehow, whilst procrastinating from writing my dissertation in my final year at uni I stumbled upon my very first blog.  In fact, I can even remember who's it was.  Anna's from The Anna Edit, although at the time I discovered her, her blog was called Vivianna Does Makeup.  I was totally sucked into this new world I'd discovered, and loved the concept of being recommended products and services by normal women, just like me. Over time I realised this is something I could do too.  Thus, my blogging journey began!

Do I have any other day jobs?  At the time of writing this no.  I decided to take some time out of work after the sudden loss of my Mum in November last year, however, I am now actively looking for work again.  It's been just over two months since I left my full time job, and I'm definitely ready to get back into the World of work again.

What are my blogging 'must have' tools?  My laptop, camera, iPhone 7, Instagram, Twitter, Buffer, Blogger, and spreadsheets!  All the spreadsheets!

Where is my favourite place to blog from?  Definitely sat in my conservatory.  I like being surrounded by the outdoors whilst being indoors because of my big, open windows, and it's where I feel most motivated.  I can really get a lot of work done in there!  However, it's not always the most feasible option, especially in cooler weather when it gets absolutely freezing, so if not in my conservatory I'll just work from my coffee table, although, I do want to see what all the 'blogging from a coffee shop' fuss is about.

What has been my favourite experience through blogging?  I can't think of a singular memory that I would say has been my favourite experience, but on a more general basis I would definitely say getting to meet some amazing ladies and gentlemen through the blogging community, both via social media and face-to-face!  Special mentions have to go to Tarnya who writes over at Sweet Allure, and who also has an awesome Etsy shop, which is a Disney fan's dream, and Holly-Lucy who writes over at Tea and Blush.  Through blogging Tarnya became a really good friend of mine, and I've loved seeing her grow from strength to strength both through her blog and her shop, and Holly-Lucy seriously makes me aspire to go out there and get what I want when it comes to my blog.  I once worked with her to arrange one of The City Girls blogging events.  It was an amazing experience for me, and watching Holly putting herself out there was a real inspiration to me.

What inspires me?  I suppose following on from the question above, being part of the blogging community and fellow bloggers.  I get a real kick out of seeing these awesome people make something of themselves, and it all starting from them sitting in their bedrooms tapping away on their laptops.  Is there anything more inspiring than seeing fellow #Girlbosses working damn hard, creating top quality content and carving an entire career for themselves?  I think not!

What is my biggest challenge as a blogger?  Even all these years down the line since creating my first blog, I'm still finding my path in the blogosphere.  One of my more personal flaws is that I'm incredibly bad at sticking with an idea or a plan.  I'm constantly changing my mind!  This can obviously leave my readers not knowing whether they're coming or going with me (Sorry lovely readers!).  Since the loss of my Mum six months ago this flaw has been somewhat magnified.  I lost my Mum very suddenly and unexpectedly, and as a result it made me question my mortality, what exactly I'm doing with my life, and what I would like to do with it going forward.  Unfortunately this has filtered over into my blog whilst I figure out in what direction I would like to take it going forward.  I feel like I'm there now, so fingers crossed we'll have a much more smooth ride over here.

Share three of my favourite bloggers: Hannah Gale (Absolute #Girlboss!), Sweet Allure (Love to my girl Tarnya who is totally smashing it with her blog right now!), and Rihanna Olivia (Definitely one of the most relatable girls in the North!)

What are my future plans in the blogosphere?  I definitely want to take a more professional approach to my blog.  I want to get out there and forge relationships with brands to work alongside and collaborate with.  I have no shame in saying that a long term future goal is to monetise my blog, as well as become published on a number of publications, both on and offline.  I really want to take my passion for writing to the next level, and fully intend to utilise my blog to help me achieve this.

I hope you enjoyed getting to know me a little better, and I hope you'll stick by me as we start this new journey with That's What She Writes!


  1. Such a cool post idea. I've had a number of blogs over the years too.


    1. Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it x

  2. So glad you are feeling more inspired again! And I really enjoyed reading a little more about you. <3

    Danielle xo

    1. Thank you lovely! It's nice to feel into it again! After I lost my Mum I just didn't want to continue with any of my hobbies. I didn't see the point in it, but it's thanks to other bloggers and my bereavement counsellor talking me round that I'm starting to find the inspiration to get back into it again xx


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