A Guide To Eating Out In Sheffield

Anybody who knows me knows that one of my favourite past times is eating out.  Nothing gives me more joy than being able to go out for a nice meal and being able to relax whilst somebody else cooks my food for me and does the dishes afterwards.  Give me a nice meal out over going out on the lash any day!

since finding a partner in crime who loves food just as much as I do, we've eaten out in our fair share of food establishments around Sheffield over the years, so I have been working hard to put together a guide for you of all of my favourite places to eat out.  It was tough narrowing down which places to include, but in the end I managed to get it down to a solid five.  You won't find any popular chain establishments in this post.  Oh No.  This one is dedicated to the lesser known places to eat.  Some off the beaten track and absolute gems that just don't get enough love in my opinion.

Let's start shall we?

Craft & Dough | Ecclesall Road

Craft & Dough* on Ecclesall Road is my favourite place to head to for brunch.  It has everything from your standard Full English, the favourite bloggers cliche brunch of Avocado on Toast, to breakfast with a twist!  When we last went Spencer had a bacon dish that came included with a sprinkling of Bacon Frazzles!

It's a great place to head to early on a Saturday morning.  There's not many people in at the time, so it's a lovely, relaxed atmosphere, with the students in the area slowly filtering in late morning as you're about to leave, and I would highly recommend having a wander around Ecclesall Road whilst you're in the area too.  It's a really student heavy area of Sheffield, which makes me feel all kinds of nostalgic as it is very reminiscent to me of Headingley, an area I lived in when I was a student in Leeds.  It has some lovely, quirky little independent shops and boutiques, which I've found to be perfect for finding gifts for loved ones with a bit of a difference.  

If you're planning on heading to Craft & Dough for some brunch followed by some window shopping, I would highly recommend going during the summer when it's even quieter as most of the students have gone home for the summer break.

Sakushi | Campo Lane

Sakushi is definitely up there as one of our most frequented restaurants.  Spencer is a huge fan of Japan and the Japanese culture, and with that he loves Japanese food.  I'd never gone to a Japanese restaurant until I met him.  Before then the only sushi I had ever tried came in a packet from Boots.

Sakushi is one of my all time favourite places to eat.  As it's such a hidden gem in Sheffield, it's never, ever busy when we go in, so again, we always know if we're in need of some great food and a chilled out evening, that we're pretty much guaranteed it at Sakushi.  The conveyer belt full of sushi is my favourite thing about the restaurant, but also the most lethal!  I can quite easily rack up a small fortune in sushi without even thinking about it!  Some other dishes to note if you ever visit as well are the Don Buri dishes and the Katsu Kare too.

And trust me, once you've had freshly made sushi from a restaurant like Sakushi, pre-made packet sushi will never taste anywhere near as good again!

The Old House | Division Street

If you're looking for some pub grub with a difference then you need to head to The Old House* on Division Street.  This is the most recent place I've eaten out, and the first time I had eaten in here.  I've frequented this bar on many a night out, but never thought of coming to eat here before until I was invited along to try the new menu to review.

Division Street is one of my all time favourite places to go in Sheffield.  I first discovered it when I was about 16 years old with my best friend Charlotte, and I've never looked back since.  Full of misfits, alternative types, and beautiful boutiques, this street suits me down to a T.

When Spencer and I headed along to The Old House, it was a beautiful, Wednesday evening.  There was a totally relaxed vibe to the bar; totally different to the bustling bar I was used to on a Saturday night, and the food was incredible.

I love that The Old House put a bit of a twist on your usual pub classics.  I opted for the Pulled Chicken Lasagne with a side of Fried Halloumi when I visited a few weeks back, and it was absolute perfection!

The Harley | Glossop Road

The Harley is home to the infamous Twisted Burger Co., which has become a firm favourite throughout Sheffield.  So much so that they now have a stall open in The Moor, and have recently opened an independent restaurant in Broomhill too.

These are burgers and fries that pack a punch!  My absolute favourite combo when I go to The Harley is the Everything Is Hallouminated Burger (with double halloumi patties!), along with the Buddha Fries.  Don't worry though, if you're a meat eater (Which I usually am!) there are plenty of options for you too.

Also, on a Sunday you have to try the Moist Maker!  It is essentially a Sunday Dinner in burger form.  A.MA.ZING.

This is another place we frequent often, mainly because it's somewhere Spencer can eat without too much worry.  He's Lactose Intolerant, and Twisted Burger provide a fair few vegan options, which is great to note is you have any similar allergens, or are a vegan/veggie yourself.

Steam Yard | Division Street

We're back on Division Street again, but this time to my favourite little coffee shop!  I discovered the Steam Yard last year, and they make some of the most amazing coffee and pastries!  Don't get me wrong, I love a Starbucks as much as the next person, but sometimes it's just nice to go somewhere a little less commercialised and support the little people, and the Steam Yard is a top quality coffee shop that I'm more than happy to give my support to.

Their coffees (And hot chocolates!) are delicious, and their pastries are incredible!  So far I have tried the s'mores donuts and their vegan brownie (Another great reason to go as it caters to Spencer again!), and I'm still trying to get my hands on one of their infamous kronuts.  I've heard they're incredible, and I'm dying to try one!  Just FYI, if you do go to the Steam Yard to try one of the kronuts, avoid going on Mondays as it's the only day they don't have them.  I made that mistake a few weeks back and was left feeling highly disappointed!

Their most recent addition to the pastry selection is cruffins too, which I also need to get my hands on.  Basically their pastry game is on form!

I hope you enjoyed this little guide of my favourite places to eat out in Sheffield.  Let me know if you've tried any of these places before, or if I've inspired you to go out and try any of the above.  I'd love to hear your thoughts on these in the comments below!

*My meals at The Old House and Craft & Dough were free of charge in exchange for a review.  all opinions on the above are my own


  1. These all sound divine! The Smores doughnut from Steam Yard looks sooooo yummy xx

    Lucy | lucy-cole.co.uk

    1. They really are! I have to take it easy in the Steam Yard. If I went in too often I would be the size of a boat by now! xx


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