Christmas at Disneyland Paris 2016 | Day 3

We're finally on our first full day at Disneyland Paris, and at this point feeling a little more well rested than we did the previous couple of days!

Feeling like we had wasted quite a lot of park time the previous day, we were up bright and early on the Wednesday to see what the breakfast situation was like in the food hall of Hotel Cheyenne, and we took full advantage of extra magic hours.  We started off the day by taking an obligatory photo in front of the Disneyland Hotel, then made our way into the Disneyland Park.  We had come up with a plan of action to cover as much of the parks as possible in our three full days we were there.  The first day was dedicated to an entire day in the Disneyland Park.  The second was dedicated to a full day in Hollywood Studios, and the third would be split between the two.  This was our first full day in the Disneyland Park, and I couldn't wait to step foot on to Main Street again.  I know this wasn't my first time walking down Main Street on this trip, but after a fuzzy couple of days I felt like I'd had enough of a rest to actually appreciate where I was.

Of course being my first time in the Disneyland Park in about 15 years, my first port of call was Fantasyland and the absolutely stunning Sleeping Beauty Castle.  I vaguely remembered going into the castle on my very first trip when I was about six years old, and wanted to experience it all again.

The first thing we were hit with as soon as we walked through the gates of the park was the humongous Christmas tree.  I knew it was pretty grand because I'd seen plenty of blogs from the previous Christmas, which of course featured the tree, but seeing it in real life opposed to your computer screen is a whole different story.  It was absolutely breathtaking.  Even though I walked past it the day before, I actually don't have that much memory of it.  I was in such a haze, so this felt like I was seeing it for the first time.  

Then we took a stroll down Main Street towards the Castle.  We'd had a look in a lot of the shops along Main Street the day before so bypassed them this time.  I don't know about any other Disney fans, but for me, Main Street is just one of the most magical places.  When I step on Main Street I truly feel like I'm stepping into a fairy tale.  The music, the smells, the atmosphere, and of course, that castle.  That beautiful castle.  It never fails to take my breath away.  We headed up to the castle, and on our way passed the snow sculptures of some of our most beloved Disney characters.  Obviously Disney is incredible for the rides, the restaurants and the characters to name just a few perks, but it's the little details like these dotted around the parks that really makes this place something special.

After taking in the sights of Main Street, we headed inside the castle.  As Paris' castle is based around Sleeping Beauty, you essentially follow the story of Sleeping Beauty in the form of these beautiful stain glass windows, incredible pieces of tapestry, and even some more interactive pieces as well.  I especially love this little statue of Aurora and Prince Phillip, and I love that people throw their coins in as well to make a wish.  I mean, where else better to make a wish than Disney?!

After we walked around the castle itself, we went down to the underground dungeon to see the dragon.  I honestly had no idea the dragon existed until I saw a vlog of it earlier on in the year.  It's a really atmospheric part of the castle, and the animatronics of the dragon is really impressive!  I did have a photo of the dragon, but it seems to have disappeared so sadly I don't have it to share.  Next time I go I'll have to capture some good photos of it!

We wanted to watch the Christmas Parade later on in the morning, so we decided to stick around Fantasyland for a while.  There was two rides I really wanted to go on for nostalgic reasons as I remembered going on them when I was six with my Nan and Grandad.  Those were the Dumbo Ride and Alice's Labyrinth.  Dumbo ended up being our first ride of the day, much to Spencer's dismay!  As soon as the ride started I remembered how I felt when I was six years old having control of our carriage going up and down.  I remember thinking it was the most incredible thing ever!  Not quite as exciting at almost 30 years old, but I still loved the ride for the nostalgia factor.  Unfortunately Alice's Labyrinth was closed for refurb during my trip, which I won't deny, made me feel a little sad!  Given the labyrinth will probably have lost it's novelty now I'm somewhat taller since I last went in and can probably see over the hedges, but still!  I wanted to sit in the Queen of Hearts throne again!

We explored Fantasyland a little more, and before we knew it the parade was starting.  I only managed to get a few good photos from the parade.  I didn't have the best spot for photos so I did the best I could from my position, but I did manage to get these great pictures of Woody and Buzz, and some of the dancers in their incredible Christmas Tree inspired costumes!

Once the parade was over we headed over to Adventureland.  We had made a reservation earlier on in the day for Agrabah's so decided to head over in that general direction.  I'd read this post by Danielle from Underland to Wonderland where she mentions this restaurant is great for vegans and veggies.  What with Spencer being dairy free and France not always being all that accommodating to this dietary requirement, this seemed like a great place for us to eat without worrying about anything slipping into his meal unknown making him suffer later down the line.

I'm sure you've noticed the theme now throughout my Disney posts that my photography game was pretty poor during this trip, and to be honest, that's because after what I'd just been through, I really couldn't be bothered to walk around with a camera attached to my hand for the entire trip.  A part of me regrets that a little now, because Adventureland ended up being one of my favourite parts of the park, but at the same time I needed a break from thinking about "what would look good on my blog", and instead I just needed to enjoy my time away as best as possible.

Whilst in Adventureland we did so much exploring.  It was a bit of a break from the rides and instead we got to take in some incredible sights around the park.  We went up to the Swiss Family Robinson's tree house, which ended up being one of my favourite parts of the entire park, we went exploring in Skull Rock, then we took a ride on Pirates of the Caribbean and Indiana Jones before heading over for our meal at Agrabah's.  Agrabah's wasn't actually on my bucket list of restaurants that I wanted to try whilst we were at DLP, but considering Spencer's dietary needs I decided to give it a try, and I have to say the food was incredible.  I really enjoyed this experience.  I loved the theming of the restaurant, and the more laid back vibe of being able to grab whatever we wanted to eat opposed to table service.  I felt like we could take things at our own pace, and not being one of the more popular restaurants it wasn't over crowded with people.

After our meal we decided to head over to Discoveryland to go on Space Mountain (Maybe not the best idea after we'd just eaten in an all you  can eat buffet!) and Autopia.  I also wanted to go on Buzz lightyear Laser Blast, but this was closed for refurb whilst we were there too (We didn't do a great job of picking when to come to Disney with all the refurbs taking place!)!  On our way over to Discoveryland we passed this.  I don't remember what it was called, but it was like a Christmas Princess Parade.  I have to say that out of all the Princess characters, my favourite's have to be Rapunzel and Flynn.  They're just so cute and playful!  I didn't do any character interactions during this trip because I just wasn't feeling up to it, but next time I take a trip there I definitely want to squeeze some in, and Rapunzel is high on my list of characters I would like to meet!

Once the show ended we continued over to Discoveryland.  Space Mountain is another ride I remember going on when I came to Disney on a school trip when I was about 14 years old.  The ride had been closed all day, but opened back up around 30 minutes before we had to meet our teachers to catch our coach back home.  We had a choice between doing the sensible thing and heading back to our coach, or have a quick go on space Mountain, so of course we went on Space Mountain! :P

Riding it 15 years later, I still loved it as much now as I did then, and I can't wait to go back on it one day now it is more themed around Star Wars.  I know many people aren't a fan of the amount of presence Star Wars has in the parks, but I'm a huge fan, so I absolutely love it.  It's just another fandom for me to fan girl over amongst all the more traditional Disney stuff too!

Because I'm yet to take my driving lessons and pass my test, for Autopia Spencer let me take the wheel and he relaxed in the passenger seat for a change.  I say relaxed; he sat there and laughed at me throughout the entire ride as I panicked the entire way around.  I'm not sure why I panicked.  I mean, we were on a track!  It's hardly like I can veer off of the road!  I just don't like being in charge of a vehicle ok?!

The day soon passed and it was getting closer and closer to the light show.  I knew I wanted to get a good view of this, so we headed over early.  I didn't realise at the time just how early we did head over!  By the time the show started we had been standing there for 90 minutes!  However, we were at the very front, so I would say I got one of the best views in the house!  Although my legs were tired, it was totally worth the wait.  I've heard that the Christmas light show isn't as good as other ones throughout the year, but having been so long since my last visit when they didn't do anything like this, and not having anything else to compare it to, I absolutely loved it.  It was such a stunning show, and I was just in awe throughout the entire thing.

After a long day in the park, we headed straight back to the hotel after the show and had a drink in the bar.  Having seen so many vloggers rave about the infamous DLP Glowtinis, I had to try one for myself, and I have to say it did not disappoint!  It was a perfect way to relax after a long, fun day in the park, and I was far too excited about the fact that I got to keep the glowing ice cube!  What can I say, I'm easily pleased!

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