Christmas at Disneyland Paris 2016 | Day 2

After a quick shower and a 90 minute nap, my alarm went off at 3:00am to wake us up ready for our trip to Disneyland, and at that point, I couldn't be any less enthused about it.  I was beyond tired, miserable, and fed up, but I powered through the feelings of doubt I had towards this trip knowing fully well that if anything was going to put a smile on my face in a time when I felt like I would never smile again, it was going to be Disney.

Whilst Spencer jumped in the shower, I started to get ready and popped open a mini bottle of pink bubbles that my friend Charlotte had bought me as part of my early birthday present.  Yep!  It was 3:00am and I was drinking.  I'm not much of a drinker, but if anything warrants alcohol I would say an alarm waking you up at 3:00am after a seven hour journey from Sheffield to Manchester just after you spent the day putting funeral plans in place for your Mum who had just died suddenly.

We were ready fairly quickly, and the lovely man at reception (Who was really shocked to see us only a couple of hours after we had checked in!) called us a cab so we could get to our terminal straight away.  He said the cost would work out around the same as the transfer bus, but without the longer wait.

With it being so early, check in and getting through security went fairly quick, and before we knew it we'd boarded our flight and was on our way to Paris!  Unlike the previous day, our transport situation ran much more smoothly this time!  We even got a free drinks voucher on the plane journey to Paris.  Guess what I used it on.  Wine!

We arrived in Charles de Gaulle airport at around 9:30am, which meant we had just missed one of the transfer coaches to Disney.  However, I wasn't too bothered about this.  After the past few days I'd had, I was ready to slow down a little, so once we got through security and into the country, we took a leisurely stroll over to the bus stand and waited for our 10:30am bus to arrive.

We finally arrived at Hotel Cheyenne, Disney's Wild West themed hotel at around 11:30am.  For this trip we decided to opt for one of the budget hotels.  As we figured we probably wouldn't be spending all that much time in it, we decided spending more money on one of the higher priced hotels just wasn't necessary.  I've actually stayed in Hotel Cheyenne before, but it was many years ago when I was about 14 and was part of a school trip, so my memory of it was very vague.  Even though it's one of the budget hotels, I was still pretty blown away by the theming and the decor.  I felt completely taken in by the magic of Disney as soon as we walked in to the reception area.  Check in was very easy, we got all of our meal vouchers, tickets, and anything else we needed for our stay, then we were on our way to the room.

The original plan was for us to just drop our bags and head straight into the parks, wanting to make as much use of our park tickets as possible, but what with everything we had just endured, I kind of just crashed on the bed for a while.  I was starting to forget what a bed felt like, and wow did it feel good!  It didn't take too long for us to eventually head out though.  Our bellies were calling out for some real food, so we decided to head into the Disney Village to grab something to eat before we headed into the park.

When a friend of mine found out we were heading to Disneyland Paris, he insisted that I have to go to Earl of Sandwich, and as time went by more and more people raved about it, so I made this our first port of call.  The decision did not disappoint.  I don't know what they do to their bread, but oh my goodness I love it!

After we'd got some food in our bellies, I kind of ended up in the World of Disney shop.  I don't really know how it happened.  No doubt I was lured in by all the pretty, sparkly Christmas merch.  As I was walking around I was already making a mental list of all the things I wanted to buy, whether that was as a Christmas gift or for myself.  This basically equated to everything in the shop!  I had a priority whilst I was in the shop on this occasion though.  The obligatory Minnie Mouse ears!  I mean, if you don't wear Minnie ears did you even go to Disney?!  After much deliberation I picked up the classic Minnie ears (You can't beat a classic, plus they were the comfiest!), and then it was finally time to head into the park.

By this time it was around about 3:00pm, and it didn't occur to me that the parade would be happening at the time, so I was hit with a tonne of emotions as I emerged onto Main Street for the first time in 16 years.  The castle was right in front of me, it was fake snowing, the music from the parade was playing as we managed to walk in just at the very end of the parade and ended up following it down Main Street.  The atmosphere was incredible, and the air smelt so good (Those who have been to Disney will know that there is a distinct 'Disney smell' in the park, and that I'm not just being a bit of a weirdo here!).  I was happy, but sad.  I was in this place I love for the first time in forever, but felt guilt for feeling happy about this because back home, my Mum was gone; waiting for me to return to put her to rest.  It was an incredibly overwhelming moment for me.

We didn't end up staying in the park all that long, because by this point we were both exhausted (This is why this post is also lacking somewhat in photos too!  Sorry!).  We had a little peak in some of the shops on Main Street, popped into City Hall and made some dinner reservations, including a late one for that evening, then we headed back to our hotel to have a much deserved nap.

We decided to head out again at around 6:00pm.  The first day had been a bit of a write off for us with how tired we were, so we didn't want to waste anymore of it.  We had a dinner reservation at the Silver Spur Steakhouse for 9:00pm, so that gave us three hours to explore a little.

We decided to have a walk around the lake in the dark, and honestly, the view was breathtaking, especially with PanoraMagique reflecting so beautifully on the water.  I tried to get some nice photos of me and Spencer, but he refuses to just smile and instead pulls these ridiculous faces, but I was happy with the photos none the less.

Being mid November, the temperature had dropped massively by this time, so as lovely as our walk around the lake was, it was getting pretty cold, so we headed back into the village where we had some hot drinks in Starbucks to help us warm up before our meal later on.

Our restaurant reservation soon came around, and I couldn't have been more ready for a proper meal.  It was literally the first one I'd had in days.  Previous to this I'd spent three days living on whatever family and friends passed to us in the hospital.  If they didn't give us anything we didn't eat because our minds were obviously pre-occupied, and the Monday we travelled to Manchester we didn't get anything to eat because of the amount of time it took us to get to our hotel.  I'm not usually one for steakhouses, but by this point I would have eaten anything!

In all honesty, the Silver Spur Steakhouse wouldn't have been one of my main choices, but it was a last reservation and it was all that was left at the time we were looking for.  However, I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed this restaurant.  The service was brilliant, the steak was cooked just how I like it (I'm one of the few who like my steak rare), and not being one of the more popular restaurants, it had a lovely chilled out atmosphere.  Just what Spencer and I needed after a hectic few days.  They were even great with Spencer's dairy intolerance, allowing him to pick alternative dairy free options for his dish.

Our first actual day at Disney ended up being a bit of a slow one what with how exhausted we both were, but after everything we'd gone through it felt wonderful to do things at our own pace.  After our meal we headed back to the hotel to finally get a good nights sleep ready for our first full day in Disney the next day.

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