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Today’s letter in the A-Z of me is the letter ‘H’, and there is only one way this could go really. Harry Potter of course! My love for Harry Potter is on a par with my love for all things Disney, and this post couldn't have been more perfectly timed really, as two days ago I went along for my third trip to the Warner Brothers Studio Tours!

My love for Harry Potter really does run deep. I mean, I have a Harry Potter tattoo on my left wrist! That’s how dedicated to the cause I am! Even at almost 30 years old I get swept up in the magic of the who franchise. I remember picking up the first book like it was yesterday. I was around 13 years old, sat in my cousins bedroom bored whilst he played the latest Resident Evil game. I found The Philosopher’s Stone lying on his bedroom floor so picked it up and decided to give it a read, and from that point on I couldn't put the book down until I finished it. The love for Harry Potter was born in that moment and it hasn't dwindled since. I think the most amazing thing about reading these stories, even now 16 years on is that it gives me the most amazing sense of escapism. No matter how rough life gets, I can pick up a Harry Potter book and feel like I'm sat in Potions with Harry, Ron and Hermione. It’s just the most wonderful feeling.

Then 15 years ago they released the first film, and from there the magic was brought to life (And my love for Draco Malfoy was born! Slytherin for life!), and now we are lucky enough to have not only the Warner Brothers Studio Tour here in the UK where we can get right in the midst of the original sets, props and costumes, but we have now two Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme parks! One in LA and one in Orlando! I'm yet to visit the theme parks, but this bank holiday weekend saw me take my third trip to the Studio Tour, and it just never gets old!
This year is definitely the year to be heading to the Studio Tour. As it’s the 15 year anniversary since the first film was released, there are tonnes of different events going on throughout the year. Currently you can take a peek inside 4 Privet Drive, which is something that has never been available to the tour before, and is only open until Monday 6th June 2016. This was the reason I booked to do the tour when I did, and it did not disappoint! As you step into the house and peek into the living room, you are greeted by the scene from The Philosopher’s Stone when the living room is filled with Harry’s letters to Hogwarts as they come flying through the fireplace. It has been so well put together and was so beautiful to witness in person! They are also demonstrating how they pulled off the effect where the letters come shooting through the letter box in the main part of the tour by the green room where you can have your picture on a broom, and once the demonstration has taken place you can help yourself to one of the letters (I finally got my letter to Hogwarts!).
I also love that the Sorting Hat is out on display in The Great Hall now. Previous to this he was sat on one of the shelves in Dumbledore’s office quite out of the way, which I always thought was a real shame as he is such a huge part of the story (Yes, I have given the Sorting Hat a gender!). I'm not sure if he will be a permanent fixture in the Great Hall now, or if this is just for the 15th anniversary, so I would recommend getting yourself there this year so you don’t miss out!

Of course there is now Platform 9 ¾ now too, which has been in place for around just over a year now. This was Spencer’s first time seeing the platform and the Hogwarts Express, and my second time. The platform is probably one of my favourite parts of the tour now. The amount of detail they have put into it is incredible, down to the East Midlands Trains posters to make it look like a normal station! I love that they have dressed each carriage as a different scene from different films, and my favourite part is where you can sit in one of the carriages and have your photo taken! Seeing the carriage set up for Ron and Harry’s first journey to Hogwarts always makes me feel a little emotional too. When they’re surrounded by all the sweets that Harry buys them and they’re all tiny and cute. It makes my heart so happy!

My all-time favourite part of the tour is the Hogwarts Castle. Oh my goodness! It never ceases to take my breath away and bring a tear to my eye when I see it. I think it’s a mixture of the music, the sheer scale of the prop, the beauty of it, and everything it represents that just makes me feel so warm and fuzzy inside. I honestly could stay in that room and examine every little detail of it for hours if I was allowed to. In fact, I could probably live out the rest of my days in that room if I knew I wouldn't get arrested for it!

If you’re a Harry Potter fan the Warner Brothers Studio Tour is an absolute must. I've been three times now and adored every visit. I’ll be having a bit of a break from the tour now so that I can save up and eventually visit the Wizarding World of Harry potter in Florida, but if I could afford it I would have already planned my next trip. If you can get yourself there in the next week then you need to do that too! Go take a peek in 4 Privet Drive whilst it’s still open! I promise you will not be disappointed.

Warner Brothers Studio Tour, Warner Drive, Leavesden, WD25 7LP


  1. I think the castle room might just be one of my favourite places in the whole world, I could sit there looking at the castle and at people's faces when they see it for the first time ALL day!

    1. It's incredible isn't it!? It's definitely one of my happy places xx


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